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Is Binary Network Marketing Your Best Alternative?

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Is Binary Network Marketing Your Best Alternative?

There are different approaches that a network marketing company can use when it comes to recruitment and compensation. One such method is binary network marketing. In binary multi level marketing, the entire team is built in sets of two persons. Each new person joining the company is expected to recruit two persons who are in turn required to recruit two persons each and so on.

This eventually means that each person in the company has two distribution chains often referred to as the left and the right leg. The performance of each distributor’s two legs is what is then used to determine how much they are paid. A widespread approach to compensation in a binary network marketing company is making payment based on the sales volume of the weaker leg.

Binary networking businesses

There are merits and demerits of binary network marketing plans that you must consider before you join one.

One benefit is frequency of pay. Many binary networking businesses pay commissions twice a month or even weekly. That way, one can realize their profits quickly and if they deem it fit, plough it back into the business even before the month ends. Commissions are often paid on the performance of all levels of the weaker leg. The binary network marketing plan also encourages the sponsoring person to work with the persons in his or her down-line in order to lead the team for better performance.

But binary network marketing has its disadvantages too. One of the most glaring is when one leg is far outdoing the other in product sales. Since payment online scam will usually be pegged to the performance of the weaker leg, you could find yourself generating a lot of revenue for the network marketing company using your stronger leg but earning a pittance in return because of the weak performance of your other leg.

Network marketing plans

It is because of the demoralizing nature of this type of scenario that some binary network marketing plans have taken a different stance and now pay a commission not on one but on both legs. Even then the commission paid for both the strong and weak legs is based on the performance of the weaker leg.

Another thing to look out for when it comes to network marketing plans is scams and organizations that provide false, misleading information. Be careful of plans that are unrealistic or do not seem to make financial sense. For instance, some binary networking firms give a promise of huge returns without the need for recruiting anyone.

Others may promise to build your down line on your behalf. Even though this may sound very tempting at face value, it is unlikely that the company will spend time and money to build a quality down line for you and still come and pay you for the work done by your down line. You are better off building and managing your own down line as you will have better control and knowledge of the people in your team.